This Sacred Thing: Marriage

We all know the plot of the romantic comedy

  • Boy meets girl
  • Boy loses girl
  • Boy finds girl

And usually (if they are doing it right) there is some kind of party at the end. A wedding banquet or something like it.

Even Aristotle writes about this back in the day.

The Wedding is “not just a piece of paper” it is deep within our minds and hearts.


Is Nothing Sacred Anymore?

Incumbent’s Report for the AGM February 2019
“Is nothing sacred?” I can’t remember the last time that I heard this question. Throughout history (until now) human beings have marked the course of life with sacred events. As Christians these sacred events have been: baptism, confirmation, marriage, sacraments for the sick and dying and burial of the dead. This is all within the context of our weekly Eucharist. In our culture, these things have faded; and, as we can also see, if we deny the sacredness of things (and of human life itself) we begin to treat life carelessly.



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