Our Parish Mission

To lead people to follow Christ, who makes life whole.
We recently have narrowed our focus to five key areas that we as a parish are focusing on for the future. These five areas are:
Spiritual Growth
Small Groups
To read more about these 5 areas and our mission and vision see Mission Based Budget 2015
Small group feedback on our mission and vision: 
Read more about ways to implement our vision: 


Staff Team:

PastedGraphic-1 (2)The Rev. Greg Clark, Incumbent 
Greg Clark has been the incumbent priest of All Saints since 2002 and leads the parish, with the help of the wardens. Greg is married to Kathleen, and they have two daughters. Greg and Kathleen met at St. Mark’s Church in Vancouver (which is where they were married) while Greg was studying theology. Kathleen, who had never experienced -40, moved with Greg back to the Winnipeg area where they lived for the next 20 years. Greg is not an athlete but he enjoys running and hiking (whenever possible), snowshoeing and walking his daughter’s dog. Greg loves baseball and misses attending 

Greg was introduced to the Anglican tradition as a student and was baptized at age 21 at All Saints’ Church in Winnipeg. Greg has studied at the University of Winnipeg (in religious studies and theology) at Vancouver School of Theology and at Providence Seminary. He is grateful for the wonderful teachers he has had.

Greg is currently seeking to become an associate of the 
, which is an Anglican monastic order. He believes that this emphasis on prayer, study, work and hospitality is a good way to live the Christian life. He also thinks that this, in many ways, serves as a good guide for parish life as well.
Greg is a big fan of  
 who reminds us, among other things, that Christ came to the “far country” to find us.
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The Rev. Faith Brace, Honorary Assistant

Faith is a Lutheran Pastor who will sometimes lead us in celebrating the Eucharist or preaching.

Rose McRae, A-Z Preschool

Rose is the director of our A-Z Preschool and our Children's Ministry Coordinator.

Anne Stead, Worship Ministry

My name is Anne and I am the worship director. I was a school music teacher in the UK before coming to Canada in 2002 and have spent my life being involved with music in churches of various denominations, including the Anglican church.  My taste in music covers just about every form from baroque to rap, but my ultimate hero is Bach. I also have a passion for running where my ears are plugged into TobyMac and I have been known to sing out loud but only when I have enough breath left!
I’m always looking for new musicians to join us so if you think you would like to be part of the worship band or choir at All Saints, please get in touch

Jackie Harbidge, Small Group Ministry

Our Parish Council
Floyd Siegle, Incumbent's Warden
F_Siegle_2012Floyd has been actively involved in church life for many years. He has served on council at All Saints from 2012 to 2013 and as Incumbent’s Warden from 2014 to the present. He served in various positions on councils at previous churches.
Floyd and his wife have lived in several communities in Alberta and have made Cochrane home since 2002. They have two grown children and two grandchildren.
Floyd Siegle is a professional engineer with over thirty-eight years of experience in the
oil and gas industry. He has held leadership positions in companies ranging in size from small Alberta-based start-up companies to mid-size international companies. Floyd is a member and has been actively involved in the Association of Professional Engineers, Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA); the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers; the Petroleum Society of Canada; the Society of Petroleum Engineers; and Toastmasters International. He has held numerous leadership positions in these organizations. He is currently Secretary-Treasurer of the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers.
Floyd was appointed by Father Greg to assist in leading the parish.
Ruth-Anne Marley, People's Warden
Bill was elected by the congregation to help lead the parish.
Linda Derkach - Parish Council Member
Dawn Larsen - Parish Council Member