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AUGUST 31, 2019by Tim KelterOrganizer
Carolyn's Army! We have been recieving a lot of messages inquiring how Carolyn is doing. So I thought I would give an update. We are two weeks since surgery and Carolyn is off all pain meds and recovering well!! She even made it out earlier this week to school for pictures and to the mall for lunch with friends!. She is still feeling week so we are uncertain if she will start school on Tuesday but we are hopeful. Yesterday our oncologist agreed we can take her central line out of her chest in the next couple weeks... Carolyn is so excited for this to be able to shower without constraint and go swimming if she wants!! Will be no more fear of infections for mom and dad!!

Every day is an improvement and we are so grateful she has been given this opportunity!!! Love to everyone who helped her have this hope for a future!! We feel blessed :)



Please pray for Carolyn, the granddaughter and great-neice of members of our parish. She has an agressive form of cancer and needs our prayer and support.

A gofundme page has been set up to cover medical costs for a trip to specialists in the US. Further updates and fundraisers are listed there.