Fall 2018 – 10:00 am

Date Sides Reader Communion Assistants Coffee Prep
7-Oct-18 Christine and Peter Sharon Margaret & Lydia Shirley
14-Oct-18 Faith and Lorne Jackie Ross and Floyd Robin
21-Oct-18 Ruth-Anne & Agnes Cary Diane and Joyce Lynda
28-Oct-18 Gaynor and Lydia Ruth-Anne Christine & Diane Sharon
4-Nov-18 Christine and Peter Gaynor Faith and Joyce Shirley
11-Nov-18 Floyd and Ruth-Anne Ross Christine and Lydia Robin
18-Nov-18 Faith and Lorne Margaret Margaret & Joyce Sharon
25-Nov-18 Floyd and Agnes Sharon Ross and Faith Lynda
2-Dec-18 Christine and Peter Jackie Margaret & Lydia Shirley
9-Dec-18 Lydia and Ruth-Anne Cary Floyd and Ross Robin
16-Dec-18 Faith and Lorne Ruth-Anne Margaret & Christine Lynda
23-Dec-18 Floyd and Agnes Margaret Ross and Joyce Sharon

  Greeter Schedule: 

7-Oct-18 Mary & Lindsay
14-Oct-18 Tom & Betty Lewis
21-Oct-18 Morris and Pat Kulyk
28-Oct-18 Wasylik Family
4-Nov-18 Milli and Lydia
11-Nov-18 Lindsay and Mary
18-Nov-18 Morris and Pat Kulyk
25-Nov-18 Wasylik Family
2-Dec-18 Lindsay & Mary
9-Dec-18 Tom & Betty Lewis
16-Dec-18 Wasylik family
23-Dec-18 Tom & Betty Lewis


            Thank you to all our volunteers!