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Upcoming Music as follows

September 30 

Come as you are

CCLI Song # 7017790

Shout to the Lord

CCLI Song # 1406918

#458 Seek Ye First

#612 Healer of Our Every Ill

You Say

CCLI Song # 7071357


CCLI Song # 6158927

October 7

Give thanks with a grateful Heart

CCLI Song # 20285

#262 Come, Ye Thankful People, Come

#403 Let All Things Now Living

399 Now Thank We All Our God


408 Wind Upon the Waters


CCLI Song # 5897818

The Trees of the Field (You Shall go out with Joy)

CCLI Song # 20546

October 14

Awesome God

CCLI Song # 41099

Come Worship Christ the King

CCLI Song # 5107254

He Knows My Name

CCLI Song # 2151368

#312 Sing a New Song Unto the Lord

Remembrance Song

CCLI Song # 5484616

#Great Is He who’s the King of Kings