Altar Guild

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The Altar Guild is a gift of time and talent to serve God in His house. It is a very great privilege to serve God in this way. The housekeeping and decoration of God’s house should be done with sincere devotion and dignity in good taste.  It exists to care for the altar and its furnishings and linens, and to prepare the altar for each service, to care for the chapel and to care for the priest’s vestments.  The Altar Guild serves by ensuring that the altar and lectern are dressed in the appropriate liturgical colours, candles are trimmed and the appropriate robes are ready for each service. Donations of, or for, flowers for the altar are always welcomed and may be given in memory of a loved one, to commemorate a special event such as an anniversary or as a grateful offering.

The calendar for liturgical colours, which describes the colour to be used for every day of the year, can be found here and on the wall of the Sacristy.

The contact for the Altar Guild is Christine.