October 2018

Brothers and Sisters,  
As you can see, we are devoting this year to the theme of “Building the Body of Christ”. We believe that these words from St Paul describe where we are being led during the upcoming year.    
By building the body of Christ, we mean strengthening the bonds among us and between us. It means to be stronger as a community. To get to know one another better, to talk, pray, work, study and have fun together.
By building the body of Christ, we mean to strengthen our life as a group of people formed together as an Anglican parish in union with our Archbishop. With this many people always coming together we want to take care of our organization. This includes our house of prayer, the people who lead us and the people who help keep things running on a daily basis.  Our aim is to keep our frame strong.
By building the Body of Christ, we mean to be more united with Christ AND that we ourselves become more and more his body. That happens though these simple things: the Eucharist, Prayer, Bible and serving others.
By building the Body of Christ, we mean the baptism and integration of new members into his body, building it stronger. That happens when we invite, truly integrate, and bring new people into his body through baptism and confirmation. Or, in the case of those who are already Christians, through really making space for them and welcoming their ministries.
By building the Body of Christ, we mean ensuring that this body continues to be built through the young to whom we owe a special responsibility in this chaotic world; to help make them become strong, more knowledgeable and joyful in Jesus.
By building the Body of Christ, we mean that our bodies need to also to be healed. Our actual bodies are united with Christ’s body. So we learn to seek and accept the Lord’s healing for our bodies and souls. We take time to look after our bodies and for rest and recreation.  
It is in this Spirit that we approach this year’s stewardship theme. We want to make this Body strong through the gift that God gives us in our act of giving. This is financial giving, certainly. But it is giving of ourselves to the Lord through spiritual deepening, to each other through making stronger bonds, to this community of Jesus through contributing gifts of ministry, to our town and community through serving them.
This year let us focus on Building the Body of Christ in all these ways. A strong, healed, ministering and loving Body.
In Christ, The Rev. Greg Clark +