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Cochrane Prayer Night April 21, 2021

Fr. Matthew discusses the role of the Peace in the liturgy, with reference to St. Matthew 5:23-24. He highlights the importance of how confession vertically reconciles us with God, while the Peace is a symbolic expression of our horizontal reconciliation with our neighbours. He discusses the Biblical importance of this, and how we ought to emphasize this aspect of the Peace, rather than viewing it simply as another social occasion, even if we do also use the time to greet in peace our brothers and sisters.

He then begins a disucssion of the Offertory, and how this begins a new portion of the the liturgy which is focused less on word and more on sacrament. The oblations (gifts of bread and wine) are brought forward representative of the offering of the whole community, while the alms (tithes) are collected and then also brought forward, a financial offering for the work of the Church and the needs of the community. All are given on the altar to the glory of God.