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Cochrane Prayer Night April 28, 2021

Fr. Matthew continues with the preparation of the altar by discussing some of the prayers that occur as the altar is prepared for the celebration of the Eucharist.

He notes the vessels on the table and their names, the Veil and Burse, the coloured fabrics that cover the silver sacred vessels. The paten, the plate on which the Body is consecrated, and the chalice, the cup in which the precious blood is consecrated. The preparation begins with wine begin poured into the cup, and then mixed with water, symbolic of Christ's human and divine natures. This is followed by prayers over the bread and wine as a whole in which they are offered to God, and we pray that he accepts our offering, as unworthy as they may be. Next, the priest ritually cleanses his hands using the lavabo.

With the altar prepared and the priest prepared, the next step is praying the Prayer over the Gifts, a 'Proper' prayer tied to the theme of the day that offers the gifts to God. At All Saints we also offer a mass intention, a specific prayer that may or may not be tied to the theme of the day, but which we ask all parishioners to pray for throughout the week along with offering that prayer to God as we celebrate the Eucharist together.