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Cochrane Prayer Night June 2, 2021

Fr. Matthew reviews the grace of the Eucharist after mentioning it as a part of last week's discussion of the words of institution. He reviews the understanding of confession and the need to prepare oneself for receiving the Body and Blood of Christ, with reference to I Corinthians 11, and then notes the Anglican distinction of mortal sins (which are confessed in general confession and fulfil the preparatory requirements) and venial sins (sins not of the will, forgiven by the blood of Christ in the sacrament according to Christ's own words). He also reviews Christ's words from the Bread of Life discourses in John 6 and discusses the grace of unity with Christ in the sacrament. The session concludes with a reminder to think of this grace when receiving, but also especially when making a spiritual communion as so many are doing during this time of pandemic.