The Technology Ministry is seen and heard but not meant to be noticed.  It exists to enable and enhance the worship of God, not as a form of entertainment in itself.  But if the priest can’t be heard, or the congregation can’t see what the words to the songs and hymns are, then the worship suffers.  Today’s media-rich world gives us an expectation that we should do our best in our service to God too; with helpful illustrations in the sermon and well-balanced vocals and instruments in the band, our worship can be enriched.  Yet we must strike a balance because the sanctuary is a place where we can be apart from the glare and noise of the world, to be still and concentrate on God, rather than be bombarded by 30-second sound bites.

This page contains links to an archive of recorded sermons and some multimedia materials used in past services, “how to” guides for tech ministry volunteers (coming soon), and a guide to the colours and fonts used on service slides (at least this one is finished!).

To request an announcement in the Sunday service, please send details to  The contact for the Technology Ministry is John.