Tips for Sidespeople

  • Be in church early – newcomers don’t always know when the service starts and can be some of the first to arrive at church on Sunday morning
  • Be prepared to stay late to chat with people and make them feel welcome over a cup of coffee
  • Explain to newcomers with children where the washrooms are located, where the children have Sunday School classes, facilities in the play area off the foyer if their youngsters get fractious, and where to find juice, colouring sheets or other items they might need 
  • Make sure you know about, and have handy, any leaflets or handouts to be distributed before or during the service
  • Encourage newcomers to fill out the information forms so that we have their contact details
  • Hospitality doesn’t end at “Hello” by the front door so try to connect newcomers with suitable church members for coffee after the service
  • Smile!


In case of emergency

In the unlikely event of an emergency in the building, sidespeople should act as coordinators to ensure that the congregation stays calm and either exists the building promptly or stays inside, depending on the nature of the problem.  Make sure you know where the fire extinguishers, fire alarms and fire exits are located, should you need to use them.  Safety first, always; be helpful, but don’t be a hero!