What is a Sunday worship service like?

altar2aOur worship services are family-friendly, combining contemporary worship with reverent Anglican tradition. On a typical Sunday we sing a mixture of modern Christian songs and trusty, decades-old hymns, led by a small worship band of keyboard, guitar, recorder, drums and singers. To make our services accessible to visitors and to lift the congregation’s vision from their hymn sheets or service books, we project all the words, including the congregational responses, on large screens at the front of the church.  Most people dress casually for church, so feel free to wear what makes you most comfortable.

The service format is based upon the Anglican Church of Canada Book of Alternative Services 1985 edition, beginning at 10:00am with welcoming words, listening to the Scriptures, a homily of about 15 minutes in length, a time of prayer, coming together in the Eucharist and closing with a blessing, all interspersed with music. Services are generally 70 to 75 minutes long.  We strive to start on time at 10:00am but have a relaxed attitude in our little town by the Bow River and so all times are approximate!  

Our liturgy (literally “work of the people”) involves contributions by the whole congregation.  You will collectively be invited to stand and sit at various times during the singing, responses, prayers and Eucharist.  Don’t panic, there’s no Latin and no singling out of visitors for special attention.  All the words for the congregation are projected clearly so there is no need to worry that you won’t know what to say or when to say it.

We celebrate communion – the Lord’s Supper, or Eucharist – every Sunday.  Everyone is invited to come forward; we invite those who are baptized to receive bread and wine, and those who are not baptized to receive a blessing, but no-one is checking the baptismal registers so simply follow your conscience.  If you would rather not receive communion or a blessing it’s perfectly acceptable to remain in your seat.

During the service, there is an opportunity to bring your offering to God when a plate is passed around the church.  If you wish, you can place your offering in the envelope provided in the pew, and please don’t feel compelled to give.

After the service we serve coffee, tea, juice and cookies.  Please stay and chat with us; we would love to get to know you and let you know all that’s going on in our parish.  If you’re new to Cochrane and not just All Saints, we would be delighted to show you our panoramic view of the town and help you to settle in here.

Children are especially welcome at our services and are important members of our church family.  Except for July and August we have children’s programs for ages 3 and upwards; separate child and youth activities start after the children’s talk, about 10 minutes into the Sunday service.  Children are also welcome to stay throughout the service if they prefer.  We have a small room at the back of the sanctuary with windows and a loudspeaker so that occupants can still feel part of the service, should you feel the need to take a fractious child out for a moment or tend to your baby, such as to change a diaper.  But we know that part of welcoming children in our midst means coping with occasional disruption and noises, so don’t feel that every eye is on you if your baby starts to make a fuss – there are plenty of parents in the congregation who understand!

If you have any questions about the service or worship, please contact Anne, the worship director.