Our Parish Mission

To lead people to follow Christ,

who makes life whole.

We recently have narrowed our focus to five key areas that we as a parish are focusing on for the future. These five areas are:
  1. Spiritual Growth
  2. Small Groups
  3. Hospitality/Invitation
  4. Mission/Service
  5. Children/Youth
To read more about these 5 areas and our mission and vision see Mission Based Budget 2015
Small group feedback on our mission and vision: feedback
Read more about ways to implement our vision: Living Into God’s Mission


Staff Team


The Rev. Greg Clark, Incumbent

The Rev. Greg ClarkThe Rev. Greg has been the incumbent priest of All Saints since 2002 and leads the parish, with the help of the wardens. Greg is married to Kathleen, and they have two daughters. Greg and Kathleen met at St. Mark’s Church in Vancouver (which is where they were married) while Greg was studying theology. Kathleen, a Vancouver Island girl, who had never experienced -40 C temperatures, moved with Greg back to the Winnipeg area where they lived for the next 20 years. Greg is not an athlete but he enjoys running and hiking (whenever possible), snowshoeing and walking. Greg loves baseball and misses attending Goldeyes games.

Greg was introduced to the Anglican tradition as a student and was baptized at age 21 at All Saints’ Church in Winnipeg. Greg has studied at the University of Winnipeg (in religious studies and theology) at Vancouver School of Theology and at Providence Seminary. He is grateful for the wonderful teachers he has had.

Greg is an member of the Fellowship of Saint John, which is associated with the Anglican monastic order, the Society of Saint John the Evangelist (SSJE). He believes that this emphasis on prayer, study, work and hospitality is a good way to live the Christian life, and serves as a good guide for parish life as well. Greg is a big fan of Karl Barth who reminds us, among other things, that Christ came to the “far country” to find us.
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The Rev. Elizabeth Short, Deacon

The Rev. Deacon Elizabeth has been a member of All Saints for over 12 years. For 8 years she was on staff and was involved in a variety of lay ministry roles. While working for All Saints she completed her Master of

The Rev. Deacon Elizabeth Short
Theological Studies degree, majoring in The Practice of Ministry, and completing a thesis on life transition. She left the staff of All Saints to work with her company En-Courage as a transition consultant, facilitator and speaker.
In November 2016 she was ordained as a Vocational Deacon. She is licensed to the parishes of All Saints, Cochrane and St. Michael’s, Canmore. She is at All Saints two Sundays a month when she serves as Deacon at the Eucharist, and during the week her diaconal ministry at All Saints involves working with All Saints Family Centre Society both as the Director of Cochrane Wellness Connection and in the Reconciliation Ministry program in Morley. In Morley she offers a grief and loss program and has recently begun a home church that meets Sunday afternoons.
Elizabeth is married to Ross Sargent. She has 4 children and 4 grandchildren and Ross has 4 children and 3 grandchildren. As you can imagine, family plays an important role in their lives, and life is never dull! They enjoy travel and when they are at home feel blessed to live close to the Bow River and the Jumping Pound Creek.
See what is happening at the Cochrane Wellness Connection on their facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/CochraneWellnessConnection

The Rev. Faith Brace, Honorary Assistant

The Rev. Faith is a Lutheran pastor who serves as Honorary Assistant at All Saints Parish. She was ordained in 1995 and worked in an inner-city ministry in Edmonton until 2002, when she moved to Cochrane with her husband, Lorne. Faith served as pastor of the Lutheran Church in Airdrie 2002-2009.
Rev. Faith Brace, Honoray Assistant
During her retirement she’s been involved in community service, social justice and ecumenical activities.

As Honorary Assistant, Faith presides at the Wednesday morning Eucharist and assists our priest at funerals and other occasional services. She leads the Mystery Book Club, a reading group which meets monthly at the church, and is also a member of Parish Council. During Greg’s vacation and other times when he cannot be present, Faith presides and preaches at Sunday morning services. She also has a long-standing interest in Aboriginal culture and spirituality, with involvement in ministry to Aboriginal people and communities since the 1980s. She currently serves on a Lutheran-Anglican team in southern Alberta seeking reconciliation and “right relationships” with Indigenous Canadians.


Rose McRae, Sunday School and A to Z Preschool

Rose is the Sunday School teacher and the director/teacher at A to Z Pre-school. She has a teaching degree and has lived with her family in Cochrane for 22 years. The Sunday School programming is for the ages of three to eleven. Our goal is to strengthen and deepen the children’s love for God. A typical Sunday class involves a gospel reading, praying, singing, doing a craft and playtime. Also, we do provide nursery care for the little ones.

A to Z Pre-school is an outreach program of the Church for three and four-year-olds. Our philosophy is that each child is unique and different and that it is very important to provide a variety of experiences that will nurture their body, mind, heart and spirit. We provide children with a safe and warm environment where they feel comfortable to move, touch, manipulate and explore. These experiences will help each child gain confidence and have a positive self image. You can contact Rose at Phone: 403-803-7106 or e-mail: Rose McRae


Anne Stead, Worship Ministry

Anne Stead, Music Director
Anne is the worship director and music leader for our services. She was a school music teacher in the UK before coming to Canada in 2002 and has spent her life being involved with music in churches of various denominations, including the Anglican church. Her taste in music covers just about every form from baroque to rap, but her ultimate hero is Bach. She also has a passion for running where her earbuds play TobyMac and has been known to sing out loud — but only when she has enough breath left!
We are always looking for new musicians and singers to join the choir or praise band, so if you think you would like to be part of the worship at All Saints, please get in touch.


Jackie Harbidge, Small Group Ministry

“We believe that people should have the opportunity to Grow Spiritually, to Connect with others, to serve Christ in the ways that he has called you, or may be calling you. To those ends we have opportunities to be part of a small group.
  • Short term, for example Discovery groups, which are introductions or re-introductions to the Anglican form of Christianity.
  • Seasonal study groups: We will, a few times year, have material from the brothers of the SSJE (see www.SSJE.org) or a book study that all are welcome to participate in, after the Sunday Eucharist.
  • Initiation groups: Every year or two years, we will prepare people to be baptized or confirmed, received into the Anglican Church or re-affirm their faith.
  • Long term on-going groups such as book study, Bible study, hiking, photography, prayer shawl, Ladie’s coffee, lunch, Men’s Breakfast.
We also have opportunities to serve in our areas of Outreach (i.e. Bethany Care Centre, Morley Reserve Reconciliation project) You might have your own idea for a group. Jackie Harbidge coordinates this ministry area and can be contacted at: Contact Jackie  for more information.


Sonya Pasloski, Parish Administrator

Sonya is the Parish Administrator and Treasurer.  She is in the office Tuesday to Friday and takes care of the Sunday bulletin, weekly e-mail update, and monthly & yearly financial statements. Please pop in during office hours or contact her at
403-932-6556 or email Sonya

Our Parish Council


Floyd Siegle, Incumbent’s Warden

Floyd Siegel, Incumbent's Warden
Floyd has been actively involved in church life for many years. He has served on council at All Saints from 2012 to 2013 and as Incumbent’s Warden from 2014 to the present. He served in various positions on councils at previous churches. Floyd and his wife have lived in several communities in Alberta and have made Cochrane home since 2002. They have two grown children and two grandchildren. Floyd Siegle is a professional engineer with over thirty-eight years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He has held leadership positions in companies ranging in size from small Alberta-based start-up companies to mid-size international companies. Floyd is a member and has been actively involved in the Association of Professional Engineers, Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA); the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers; the Petroleum Society of Canada; the Society of Petroleum Engineers; and Toastmasters International. He has held numerous leadership positions in these organizations. He is currently Secretary-Treasurer of the Society of Petroleum Evaluation Engineers.
Floyd was appointed by Father Greg to assist in leading the parish.

Ruth-Anne Marley, People’s Warden

Ruth-Anne Marley, Peoples WardenRuth-Anne came to Cochrane in 1991 and fell in love with this amazing community. Shortly after coming to Cochrane she joined the parish of All Saints Anglican Church. Both of her children were baptized in the old church which is now proudly joined to the Bethany Care Centre. She received her post secondary degrees in Fine Arts and education at the University of Calgary. She is amazed to see how God works as she is now working there as an education consultant, within the Cumming School of Medicine. When not at work or home with her beloved Boston Terriers, she can be found out horseback riding or participating in local theatre productions.
Another great passion of hers is serving Christ through mission work with children. She has worked on projects in Haiti and in South Africa. Currently, she is  on the board of directors for Hope in the Dark which is a Canadian registered charity that serves impoverished children and their parents living in precarious physical and social conditions. The program is located in the slums outside Bucaramanga, Colombia and has been in operation since 2015.  For more information contact Ruth-Anne by email.
George Giesbrecht (Parish Council Member)
Stephen Armitage (Parish Council Member)

All Saints Anglican

A History 1892-2004

All Saints Anglican started out at a whistle stop just west of the original Cochrane Ranch. The little hamlet of Mitford, near the sawmill there, was the first location for the Church. When the mill closed and the train no longer stopped, the Church building was moved into Cochrane. To get the whole story you can pick up a copy of the history book covering 1892-2004 from the Church office.
Cochrane resident Daniel Bidulock has kindly digitized the book and it is viewable on his site: