Meet the Rev. Fariborz Khandani
A brief biography

There is a short biography of Rev. Fariborz you can access via the button below. He will be introducing himself more when he takes up the role of incumbant.

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New Incumbent Named
Official Letter from the Archbishop

Here is the official letter from the Archbishop announcing that

the Rev. Fariborz Khandani

is the new incumbent at All Saints beginning April 3, 2022. More information about him will be released shortly.

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Search for New Incumbant
Information on the Process


With the retirement of Father Greg Clark as of June 1, 2021, there is a well defined process to search for a new incumbant priest.

The Church Wardens have formed a Selection Committee and, with the help of the Archdeacon of Calgary, will search for a person to fill the role. See the information from the wardens on this page.