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Dear Friends,  

I know that all the advertising states loudly and clearly that Christmas begins right after Hallowe’en (or after American Thanksgiving) or the Grey Cup party (go Bombers!). But, as we all know, Christmas starts at sundown on December 24 and continues for the next 12 days (the famous 12 day of Christmas).

We are about to enter the season of Advent.  

Advent is an ancient word used for the coming of a King. In this case The King. So, Advent is about preparing for the coming of the King 2019 years ago. It is also just as much about his coming when he returns as Lord of All (“let heaven and nature sing”) as his second advent. His return.

A lot of our Bible readings are not very “Christmassy” it seems. They are “apocalyptic”. This is not necessarily a scary word. It means to “unveil”. It is often referred to the part in the ancient wedding ceremony where the best man would lift the veil of the bride so the groom could see her. She would be unveiled in her beauty. That’s the idea.   To be “saved” in the Bible means to be able to see God’s face and delight in his light.   That’s what Advent is all about. Getting ready for that. So, yes it is “Christmassy” in that sense.  

I invite you to enter into a season of waiting on the Lord. Let us take a few extra minutes each day to sit before the Lord with open hearts. Read one of our Advent devotional books that we have available. Above all, come to Church, to the Eucharist to let your body and soul look on the Lord and feed on his Light. Each Eucharist is also his Advent.  (for Advent/Christmas service times click here)

Some of you might consider a donation of any size to the Incumbent's Discretionary Fund. Sometimes people need help with making it through the month or covering other expenses that have resulted from the pressure caused by life’s circumstances. Some of this has gone to the Morley work and some to other folks who are facing other kinds of challenges. It also allows me to respond to needs and opportunities that present themselves now and during the year.

Those who are able might consider preparing for the remembrance of the coming of this King in this way. An envelope is enclosed (or donations can be made online securely through the link on the home page).  

May the Lord bless you during this holy time.  

In Christ