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In-person Worship Services suspended

The Archbishop, in consultation with the Diocesan COVID-19 Task Force, has recommended that all in-person worship services be immediately suspended until the end of January at the earliest.

All Saints will continue to offer livestreamed Eucharist services on YouTube.

Part of the Archbishop's letter:

 Epiphany - January 6, 2022 

Dear People of the Diocese of Calgary 

We enter the new year under the shadow of a new variant of the COVID-19 virus. The Omicron Variant is highly contagious and is working its way through the population at rates higher than anything we have witnessed to date with COVID-19. Hospital admissions in Alberta are on the rise again and the evidence from other jurisdictions that have been dealing with this variant longer suggests that we can expect a dramatic rise in hospitalization in the next two weeks. 

 In an effort to do our part, the Archbishop, on the advice of the COVID-19 Task Force, is once again suspending in-person worship in the Diocese of Calgary and asking parishes to return to online services and other non-in-person ways of connecting, gathering, and caring for the people of our parish communities. 

 Over this past 22 months, the people and clergy of the Diocese of Calgary have found innovative and creative ways to be pastoral and stay connected with parishioners in times of in-person worship suspensions. The Archbishop and COVID-19 Task force want to encourage the continued use of these good practices and commend the work that has been done as a basis for continued care in a time when we cannot gather together physically. 

Faithfully Yours 

Archbishop Greg and the COVID-19 Task Force 


The full letter can be found here.