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The Archbishop, with the advice of the COVID-19 Taskforce, has ordered that in-person worship services be suspended for at least 4 weeks starting September 26, 2021.

All Saints will continue to Livestream a Eucharist Service for personal in-home worship. The YouTube Livestream link is on the Sermons page or you can click here.

We will resume distribution of the blessed sacrament on Sunday mornings between 9-1o:00 am to consume during the on-line service until in-person services begin again. No sign-up is required.

Here is part of the text of the Archbishop's letter. The full letter is available in the download section.

As of Wednesday, September 15, 2021, the Province of Alberta has declared a State of Public Health Emergency because of the load on our public health system due to the fourth wave of COVID-19. Current numbers of hospitalizations and ICU admissions now exceed anything that we experienced in the first three waves.  ... Elective surgeries are being cancelled throughout the province to create more space for COVID-19 patients, and many people are even unable to have medical tests for serious conditions because of the current lack of capacity in our healthcare system. The situation has moved beyond critical. 

Although temporary restrictions announced yesterday do allow for continued in-person worship in places of worship, the rationale for this does not seem to be in line with other announced restrictions. We recognize that our gatherings do present a risk of adding to the burden on the healthcare system, and we believe it is wise to err on the side of caution and to do what we can to mitigate this risk to the fullest extent possible. 

To this end, the Archbishop, on the advice of the Diocesan COVID-19 Taskforce, will be suspending in-person worship in the Diocese of Calgary after this coming Sunday, September 19. In-person worship will be suspended for four Sundays starting on September 26. The situation will be assessed in four weeks to determine if an extension of the suspension is warranted. Other church-related in-person activities should also be suspended during this period. The exception to this is AA, NA, and other 12 Step and recovery programs who regularly use our facilities for meetings.