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Information meeting

Understanding the historical, technical and environmental sensitivities associated with the South Lands, the Ad Hoc Committee, with support from B&A Planning Group, will conduct an integrated communications and engagement program to provide transparent information and opportunities for stakeholders, neighbours and the public to participate in a substantive Area Structure Plan (ASP) engagement process.

The MSF South Lands ASP engagement will build on the knowledge and input gained during the first round of consultation with stakeholders, neighbours and the public, and will provide multiple opportunities for all Cochranites to participate throughout the ASP process.


Neighbours Meeting - Saturday, Nov 2 from 11:00am - 1:00pm

The Ad Hoc Committee will be hosting a Neighbours Meeting on Saturday, Nov 2 at the Lions Club Event Centre (109 Fifth Avenue) to share additional details about the Area Structure Plan vision and process, and to collect input that will be considered while drafting the plan.

Format: The session will begin with a 20-minute presentation, followed by a series of "conversation hubs" to collect input on a series of topics related to the vision for the ASP.



An online survey will be posted on the project website shortly after the engagement events for those who were unable to attend.

Visit their website for more information