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In the weeks leading up to Christmas we can get caught up in the giving and receiving of gifts. Although they may be given in love, this kind of giving can all too often be linked to consumerism. 

  • Why should we give?
  • What does God ask of us?
  • How can we look at the spiritual aspect of giving?
  • How can I see myself as a gift?
  • How can I really express my gratitude?
  • How can we put our parishes on our “shopping list?” 

Deacon Elizabeth will guide you through 4 sessions. There will be an in-person and a Zoom session offered. Please register so that we have numbers, and to get the Zoom link if you are attending that session. For details click on this poster in the download section below.

  • On line as a Zoom meeting Tuesday's at 7:30 pm starting November 23rd, or
  • In-person at the Church on Sunday's after the 10 am service starting November 28th

Registration Required

To Register (we need to have numbers) and to receive the Zoom link, contact Sonya:

For more information, contact Elizabeth Short at 403-660-5636