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The  Archbishop and the Covid-19 Task Force announced that as the Provincial restrictions for worship gatherings have been removed, Churches in the Diocese are free to adjust their own woship services. Most Covid protocols are removed, and there will be an opportunity to optionally partake of a common cup during the Eucharist. 

Congregations are urged to be considerate of others and to monitor their personal  health status closely. Otherwise restrictions could be re-imposed if infection levels rise to dangerous levels again.

Here is part of the Archbishop's letter. The full version is available by clicking this link.

While measures such as masking and distancing are no longer required from a provincial standpoint, the Archbishop and COVID-19 Task Force continue to strongly recommend these protocols as best practices for mitigating the spread of the virus in our communities, and promote them as a positive expression of our consideration for others. 

Parishes may also now return to the use of the common cup for administering communion. We recognize that this could create challenges for many who are receiving communion as they might not yet be ready to drink from the common cup. So that these people can be included as fully as possible, priestly intinction continues to be recommended as an authorized alternative practice for the administration of communion. 

Lastly, please encourage your parishioners to monitor their health and not attend in-person worship or other activities if they are not feeling well or are presenting symptoms. This is good advice not just for COVID-19, but also for any sickness that may be present in the community.