Solomon 1:16-2:1,12-22; Psalm 1; James 3:13—4:3, 7-8a; Mark 9:30-37
Eucharist Service - September 19, 2021

Prayer Intentions: For all those in positions of leadership, that they would be humble.

Theme: Humility. In our readings today, there is a significant theme touching on humility and gentleness. In the Gospel, Jesus says that true leadership doesn’t come through societal values of strength, but rather through a child-like humility.

The services will be live-streamed and broadcast online at 10:00am using the following YouTube link for those who are unable to attend or would like to view the service after it is finished.

Please continue to access our weekly online Sunday School lesson with stories & crafts. This Sunday, Sept 19, Rose & Carmen are back with taped online Sunday School lessons so please give your children the ability to participate in it during or after the service.