The granite cover plate is laser-engraved and, within our guidelines, can be designed by the family. 

  • A specified font will be used for all inscribed text.
  • Families will have the option to include a graphic or picture of their loved one. There will be a variety of art imagery to choose from.
  • All text and imagery must be laser etched to allow for finer artistic detail and images of people.
  • Approved parameters do not allow for flower vases on the face plate.

To maximize flexibility, inscriptions are coordinated by the family in conjunction with the specified engraver. The engraving cost (currently estimated between $300 and $500 but subject to change)  will be invoiced directly to the family, with the price based on the graphics chosen and the volume of text being inscribed. Face plate designs are subject to approval to ensure they conform to the parameters set out by All Saints.

At the time of engraving, All Saints will remove the face plate, send it to the engraver and reinstall it. The cost of this service is included in the niche pricing.




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