What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is primarily a listening and companioning ministry that focuses on a person's spiritual faith journey. 'Soul-friend' or spiritual companion are alternate names for a spiritual guide. When all is said and done, we recognize that the Holy Spirit of God is the spiritual director of all our lives.

Individuals from all walks of life, of all ages and of many Christian traditions seek Spiritual Direction. There might be many reasons why people seek Spiritual Direction, but in the long run, the common factor would be a strong desire to know what God is asking and to try to recognize signs of God's presence in the ordinary happenings of daily life.

How Spiritual Direction Works

How often people visit their Spiritual Director varies with individuals and can be tailored to their needs. A common practice would be to visit a Spiritual Director once a month. During a session, the Director will spend most of the time listening carefully and attentively to your story, experience of your prayer and your struggles. In a confidential and trusting setting, you will have a chance to talk about your search to know and do whatever God is asking of you and your life.

Getting Started

For more information and to decide if Spiritual Direction is right for you, contact  Karen by email.

You can book a one-time session, or have a regular monthly appointment. An introductory “meet and greet” session can also be helpful. There is no fixed charge for Spiritual Direction; one suggestion is to offer the equivalent of at least one (1) hour's wage, for each hour of direction. 

(Source: Adapted from www.fcjcentre.ca/spiritual-direction)


We are excited to introduce Karen Wold who has Lutheran roots and a heart for ecumenical and interfaith collaboration. She is a Spiritual Director with a particular interest in Ignatian Spirituality and is currently completing additional training in giving the First Spiritual Exercises.

Karen is an active member of the Calgary Association of the Spiritual Exercises Apostolate (CASEA). She is part of the Ministry Team for All Saints Retreat Centre as well as a co-facilitator for the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life (19th Annotation) at the FCJ Christian Life Centre in Calgary. For more information about Spiritual Direction or to book an appointment, please email Karen